Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving?

Part I

Yesterday I went out to do last minute errands before starting to cook. After the last stop—as far away from home as possible, of course—I got in my car, sighed with relief that I could now go home, and turned the key.


An hour later, I was squashed into a tow truck with two very nice tow truckers on the way to the auto mechanic.

The auto shop came through beautifully.  They’ve been doctoring my aged Miata for quite a few years—I believe they actually stock parts just for my car!  So I went home, and in a couple of hours, all was fixed.

So now I could start the pumpkin pie?


The non-starting was fixed, but the alarm system didn’t work.


It can wait until Monday.

Pumpkin pie.  Yes!

Pumpkin pie is in the oven.  I’m putting away ingredients.  And it hits me: I made the pie with whipping cream instead of half-and-half. Oh, double *xl//zgrn.

Moving on, it was time to make the rolls, the time-honored holiday rolls made from Grandma’s recipe.  I’ve made them hundreds of times. What could go wrong?
Leaving them in the oven too long, that’s what.

So here it is, Thanksgiving morning. Has the car been trashed or stolen?  Is the pie edible?  Is the turkey thawed? Is there time to make more rolls?

To be continued...

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