Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

Part II
continued from this morning’s post

Yes, it was a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I do hope yours has been, too.

We were a very small family this year, but we used Great Grandma's silver and china and lace tablecloth and felt very lucky and happy.

The car is—so far, at least—undamaged.

The pie was good.  Exceptionally rich and creamy and very tasty.

The new batch of rolls was just right.

The cauliflower survived today’s mishap.  Oh, right, you haven’t heard that one.  Because of dietary restrictions, we have mashed cauliflower rather than potatoes.  I cooked the cauliflower carefully, drained it, mashed it, added just a touch of butter since it’s a holiday dinner, and sprinkled the merest touch of salt and pepper over it.  No problem, right?  Wrong. Problem.  The top of the pepper container fell off.  Fell Off!  Aargh!  Depositing several tablespoons of pepper over the cauliflower.

But today was a good day, and I carefully scooped the pepper off.  We had less cauliflower than planned, but it tasted good.

And the company was wonderful.  We sat around a beautiful fire—limited to the fireplace, fortunately—and enjoyed being together.

So Happy Thanksgiving indeed.

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