Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Getting Organized—the Current In Thing
Anyone here ever heard of Marie Kondo?
I thought so.
Yes, I’ve read her books.
Yes, I’ve been Marie Kondo-ing my house. [Sort of]
No, I didn’t gather all my clothes in one pile on the floor and check each item for sparks of joy.
No, I didn’t discard anything I hadn’t worn in a year.
No, I didn’t embrace her as a goddess.
At first.
When I first read The Life-Changing etc., I thought it was silly.  I was wrong.  [Note to DH: See? I can admit when I’m wrong.]
Critics point out that many of her ideas are not new.  True.  I know this because I have files containing years-old articles on how to declutter and organize.
Enthusiasts think she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.  [And why is that a good metaphor anyway?  I prefer home-made bread and that doesn’t come pre-sliced.  Oh well.]  If she can get people to declutter their lives, this is good.
My take on this little tempest:
Piling clothes on the floor—not a great idea, especially for those who don’t bend well.  But I notice that idea has melted and oozed away.  If you have to pile, do it on the bed, okay?
Working on everything in one category at once [rather than going room by room]—excellent idea.
Working on categories with low emotional attachment first and progressing to the cherished [or uncherished] heirlooms—another excellent idea.
I think some of her ideas are culture-specific.  I don’t embrace some of her folding methods because they don’t work with my wardrobe or my drawers.  But as with any how-to program, I can take what works for me, right?
Whatever the size and shape of your drawers, this is one fad that isn’t bad.  Clearing clutter, organizing what’s left, making your belongings easy to live with—excellent!
What are you waiting for?


P.S.  Getting rid of books gives me a panic attack.  (I haven't shown you pictures of the other rooms--floor to ceiling books!)