Thursday, September 26, 2019

Midnight in Ruby Bayou

If you were going to write a romantic suspense novel, could you find a better title?

Faith Donovan creates “...exquisite jewelry studded with fabulous gems...”  

That’s a quote from the cover of Midnight in Ruby Bayou by Elizabeth Lowell, and while I’m definitely prejudiced in favor of gemstones and exquisite jewelry, this sounds like a description that would tempt anyone!  

Faith Donovan makes the jewelry. Owen Walker knows just about everything with respect to rubies. When Faith designs and makes a wedding necklace for a friend, using rubies that have been in the friend’s family for generations (maybe), she’s sucked into family secrets and scandals and becomes the target of some very nasty would-be jewel thieves.  And the FBI.

Owen to the rescue!

While he’s saving her—and the rubies—we also get a goodly helping of  two Mafias, since they think Faith has the Sunrise Ruby,  an exceptionally fine and large (almost 26 carats) stone which sold for over thirty million dollars.  Add a lot of fictional history to a chest full of more superb old rubies, and it’s easy to understand why Faith became a target.

Of course I love the parts with Faith sitting at her jeweler’s bench making that exquisite jewelry or discussing some of her creations with Owen. And I love the way Owen can talk about rubies without making it an  “As you know, Faith, all rubies are...” conversation.  The gemology never gets in the way of a thumping good story.  I just love the book!

An oldie but definitely worth reading.

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